H.E.R.O. Ministry



Location:1801 Baltimore Rd

Times: Every Thursday at 6:30pm

Contact: 918.681.1817 or support@ckbci.com

Mens: Marvin Brownlee

Womens: Josette Pierce


What is HERO?

HERO is a acronym which stands for,






Who are we?


We are trained professionals with a background and experience in the behavioral health field who possess the skills of operating successful support groups for individuals, to help them cope with issues that try to overtake and drown them.


what do we do?


We provide a judgment free support group to individuals who are faced with challenges of life.


We provide support in prayer regarding your situation.


We provide coping skills for better life management.




We respect your desire to keep your personal challenges confidential.  We work with you to gain your trust to assist you in overtaking those things that try to hold you captive and restrict you from being all the Christ has called you to be.




Your success is dependent upon your willingness to be transparent and open with disclosing only those things in which you may feel comfortable with releasing.


Our goal:


We strive to assist you in obtaining total freedom and victory over any situation or challenge you may be faced with.


We stand on the word of God that says.......


Where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty.


His word says he loves an over comer. We are here to help you overcome.







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